The Sweetness of Krishna

Q. I really appreciate the revelation of “sweetness” as being the qualitative difference between jnana and vijnana. When knowledge is experienced in the heart, revealing Krishna’s sweetness, does his “Godliness” then taste sweet as well (as opposed to some reverential flavor) or is his “Godliness” no longer recognized?

A. When sweetness is realized in Vraja, if the the sense of Krsna’s Godhood surfaces it ornaments the devotee’s sense of his sweetness. If a mother finds out her son has been elected president, his presidency ornaments his son-hood in her mind. In Gaudiya Vaisnavism, this is the experience of the devotees of Vraja, whereas outside of Vraja, knowledge of Krsna’s Godhood suppresses and takes precedence over knowledge of his sweetness.