What is Consciousness?

Q. If one says that some form of soul exists beyond death, I ask what particles is that soul made of?

A. What particles is “red” made of? The “soul” is not something to believe in or not to believe in. “Soul” is a particular definition of consciousness/experience, which to date remains a great mystery to science.

By “red” I refer no to the photons, but to the “experience of red.” There is nothing in matter to account for such experience. Surely you are you familiar with the “Mary’s Room” thought experiment. Despite attempts to refute the argument in this thought experiment, experience itself remains the so called “hard problem” of consciousness. Why is there any experience at all, and what experiences or constitutes experience? Yes, consciousness does but what is consciousness? This is the mystery, the question, which some turn to Vedanta to experience the answer.
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