From Vishnu toward Krishna

Saints tell us that Rama and Krishna are the same person. But while Ramacandra was the most moral, Krishna appeared to be a cheater in some respects. But how can God cheat another when all others are but aspects of himself? We must consider Krishna’s apparent immorality in light of the fact that he is that self-same Ramacandra, the personification of perfect moral character. We must try to understand the meaning of lila, divine play. God can be moral or immoral in appearance, yet whatever he does is absolute good. Conversely, the moral realm is not absolute: That act which on its face is immoral in one instance may be moral in another. Morality is the means to check the evil of exploitation arising from material attachment, but if one has no such attachment, then what is one’s position? Does moral law bind such a soul? Certainly not. Such is the position of Krishna, and of Rama as well.

Rama Lila: From Vishnu toward Krishna