Srila Prabhupada and Iskcon

The idea that loyalty to Prabhupada has kept Iskcon together is something that needs to be questioned. What has been called loyalty to Prabhupada by Iskcon leaders has done more to cause devotees to leave Iskcon than anything else. Now there are numerous Gaudiya sects fueled by those once in Iskcon. These are active, spiritually practicing devotees who have given their energy elsewhere, not because they don’t like Prabhupada, but because they don’t agree with a the Iskcon GBC’s interpretation of his teachings. So that interpretation is causing disunity where it was not present previously during Prabhupada’s presence. Meanwhile what keeps the institution together is another thing altogether.

The Robes of a Monk

I experience considerable respect from others when I travel in monastic attire. Some people go out of their way to let me know they think what I am doing (as a monk) is cool. Furthermore, monastic attire is not worn merely for garnering respect from the public. It is intended to affect the monastic positively, doing away with vanity, etc.