No One Falls from Vaikuntha

Sadhana siddhas cannot fall anymore than any other kind of siddha (krpa-sidha, nitya-sidha). No one falls from Vaikuntha other than examples like Jaya Vijaya who come to this world for the purpose of facilitating rasa (in their case vira rasa). The baddha jiva on the other hand is “fallen,” and this materially conditioned soul can become a devotee and cause Bhagavan to enter his or her heart as a sweeper. He is so kind.

Regarding the difference between nitya-siddhas and sadhana-siddhas, there is no difference in that they are both siddha. According to Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur (BVT), some souls emenating from Maha Visnu go “up” and become nitya siddhas, whereas others go “down” and become nitya-baddhas. These two would be constitutionally the same, either as sadhana or nitya-siddhas. However, there are different kinds of nitya-siddhas, and those constituted of svarupa-sakti like Nanda Maharaja, Subala, Lalita, etc., are constitutionally different from those constituted of tatastha-sakti that “originate” in Maha Visnu. Nonetheless, all siddhas are for all intents and purposes equal becasue they function equally, being motivated by pure love under the influece of Bhagavan’s svarupa-sakti.

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Vaikuntha, Ayodhya, Vraja and Navadwipa

Ayodhya is a special place in Vaikuntha, slightly above the rest, yet below Goloka (in terms of rasa). In Ayodhya, God has a mother and father filled with vatsayka bhava, whereas Narayan does not. Still Hanuman and the rest in Ayodya know that Rama is God and thier love is thus in consideration of this.

All the inhabitants of Vaikuntha will have natural love for God, rather than forced, but this does not make it raga bhakti. Vaidhi bhakti has a bhava and prema of its own that is, while natural and comsuming, different from the bhava and prema of Vraja, which causes the Vrajabasis to forget that Krsna is God and causes Krsna to forget it as well.

Regarding Navadwipa, in our line we are taught to think of Gaura Krsna in dasya bhakti, even in the nitya lila. However, this dasya bhakti is special, and according to Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura, it involves the spirit of engaging in kirtana with Nimai Pandita in Srivasa Thakura’s courtyard. There is no aisvarya in the name Nimai Pandita.